NINGBO FASTENER FACTORY was founded in 1984 which is a professional manufacturer of high-strength fastener products. It covers an area of 16000 square meters with total assets of 70 million RMB, the annual capacity more than 20000 tons.
In 2004, NINGBO FASTENER FACTORY built NINGBO YUNHAO FASTENER MANUFACTURING CO., LTD as its branch successfully which extended its capability a lot.
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      On January 26,2016,Ningbo Fastener Factory moved its plant to the Industrial Park, the new address is No. 10, Xinheng Liu Lu, Cicheng Industrial Park, Jiangbei District, Ningbo, CHINA. The new address... Details>>

    • Published:2016-04-26
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      The overall nonferrous metal prices may stop falling with the rise in production costs and some enterprises' decision to cut production, a survey on nonferrous metal spot market disclosed.
      Nonferro... Details>>

    • Published:2013-09-12
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